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What Makes Haojue Your Only Choice

We offers quality products at an affordable price to individuals, households and corporate clients. Our bikes have been tested on market and are your best affordable option for both commercial and domestic use.

We have a variety of motorcycles which include; HJ110(Scooters), EGs that is EG150, EG125, Xpress further categorized into; Xpress 220, Xpress 320, Xpress 240 among other brands.

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Haojue motorcycles have quality steel which improves bearing capacity that makes the frame stronger.

Haojue motorcycles have strong engines which do not get damaged easily and are long lasting. Haojue motorcycles have 125cc (Xpress and EG125), 150CC (EG 150) 110CC (Haojue scooter)

Haojue motorcycles are made up of a well designed and strong frame which is guaranteed to carry heavy loads comfortably.

Haojue motorcycles have 13 liters’ fuel tanks whereby 1 liter goes for 72 kilometers for the Haojue Xpress type and 60 kilometers for the Haojue EG 150 type.

These bikes are designed in a way that makes the riders hands, feet and waist positioned comfortable.

Haojue motorcycles comprise of charging system which enables the rider to charge his phone while travelling.

Haojue motorcycle spares are relatively affordable whereby everyone is able to purchase them at a fair price.


Xpress model was designed and developed to fit the African market due to its durability, higher ground clearance of 164mm, big fuel tank of 13L to enable Boda-boda riders to reach their destination without the need to refuel while in traffic or running errands for clients.

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EG150X model was designed as an off-road motorcycle to suit the African muddy roads with a cc150 power engine to beat the records on hilly roads at a higher speed. Equipped with a ground clearance of 180mm and its front fender, the model works well in all types of terrains across Uganda.

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HJ150-6 Model was designed and developed in 2006 to respond to the need of cargo carriage among motorcycle users in china and later was introduced in African market in 2013. This model has been the number one selling model in East African region, mainly in Western Kenyan region and in D.R.C due to its capacity to carry over 300 kg loads.

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Eg125 Model is designed to work like the HJ150-6 model, with its cc125 engine power and the ability to carry heavy loads. It is one of the biggest selling motorcycles in Uganda, mainly in Western region due to its high ground clearance, which ensures comfort while navigating through uneven terrain.

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